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Welcome TO Turacoz Skill Development Program

Enriching your skills

Who are we ?

Turacoz Skill Development Program (TSDP)is an initiative of Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, a knowledge partner for medical evidence creation and writing documents for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies,publishing houses, societies and associations and academics. Turacoz team consists of well-experienced medical writers, editors, reviewers, business development experts, statisticians, project managers, social media and digital marketing experts, analytics, management information system (MIS) experts, andhealthcare professionals with expertise across all major therapeutic areas and various types of job requirements. TSDP brings together the current industry requirements for skilled professionals at entry, mid and high level and provides customized training solutions with the help of our experts on the panel and the team. The trainings cover the requirements of different positions/resources required in different industries including service industries like medical communication companies, healthcare KPO/BPOs, journals, hospitals, pharma industry, healthcare event management companies, universities/colleges, etc. Our trainings are integrated in a responsive learning management system which provides the required analytics on this journey of #KnowledgeSharing.


Dr. Namrata Singh is an experienced pediatrician with intuitive and comprehensive medical communication skills. She is the founder and Director of Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, an organization providing the medical writing services. Being on both sides of the table- pharmaceutical/biotech as well as healthcare professionals/hospitals, she understands and comprehends the requirements of the healthcare sector really well, and delivers spot on. She has been an active member of various associations like American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP). She has experience and expertise across all major medical writing documents (like protocols, clinical study reports, manuscripts, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, product monographs, newsletters, slide-decks, content development for online platforms, marketing solutions, and training). Till now, she has provided product development, regulatory consulting, and medical communication services to firms like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Dr. Reddy’s, Abbott, Roche, Danone, Astellas, Takeda, Novartis, Reckitt Benckiser, and many more. Prior to founding her present company, she had worked for premier organizations like McCann Health group, BioQuest, and Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd. Her passion is to impart the knowledge gained by her experience of practice and medical writing, and thus, she is continuously providing training to doctors and postgraduate students, fresher medical writers, medical advisors and MSLs, and field force personnel.

We also have a team of subject matter experts (trainers) from various domains including doctors from different medical specialties, clinical research, publication, medico-marketing, soft skills, management skills, corporate etiquettes, etc.

TuraSkill: Newsletter


TuraSkills: Newsletter !


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Why and what we train ?

We are a team of industry experts and academicians who have been on both sides of the table and understand the gap and unmet need well.

TSDP Aims to Bridge the Gap and Fulfil the Need of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • TSDP trains freshers to gain required skillset to get into different fields like CROs, pharma companies, hospitals, medical communication companies, IT KPOs, BPOs, etc. for different roles like medical writing, business development, market research, product and brand executive, and managers.
  • We try to bridge the gaps by blending our skill development program and the education curriculum.

  • TSDP trains healthcare and pharma professionals working in different roles to enhance their skills required to grow in their respective field.

  • TSDP offers trainings to healthcare and pharma professionals on industry updates for recent updates in therapy, devices, procedures, guidelines, and regulations.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries……

Key Highlights

>  Healthcare sector contributes 10.5% of GDP on a global basis.

 By 2020, India is predicted to be one of the top three pharmaceutical marketsinterms of incremental growth and sixth largest market            globally interms of absolute size.

 According to recent reports, 33.6% employers hire freshers, while 32% prefer experienced resources (5+ years of experience)in skilled domain.

 More foreign companies are investing in India’s fast-expanding infrastructure and renewable energy sector.

Pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Pfizer, GSK, Emcure, Roche, etc. Marketing professional, product manager, medical writer, medical science liaison, medical affairs manager, etc.
Service industries like medical communication/writing companies, market research, and med tech companies Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, Indegene, Kinapse, Apcer, Frey etc. Medical writer, copy-editor, proofreader, instructional designer, project manager, medical coordinator, business development specialist, MIS executive, etc.
Healthcare KPOs and BPOs Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, Accenture etc. Medical editor, data management, medical coding, quality analyst, business analyst, etc.
Research institutes Tata memorial, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research,etc. Medical writer, medical and research coordinator, reviewer, editor, etc.
Hospitals Max super specialty hospitals, Apollo hospitals, Sir Ganga Ram hospitals, Fortis hospitals, etc. Research coordinator, medical writer, medical reviewer and proof reader, etc.
Freelance professionals --------- Medical writer, copy-editor, proof reader, medical reviewer, consultant, etc.
Publication houses Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, BMJ, Nature, Theime medical publishers, Jaypee publishers, etc. Writer, copy-editor, proof reader, reviewer, project manager, business development executive.
Medical associations and societies Cardiology society of India, American diabetes association, American neurological association, Liver care foundation, etc. Writer, copy-editor, proof reader, reviewer, medical coordinator, etc.

Whom we train ?

Turacoz skill development program trains freshers from medical, pharma and healthcare streams for different positions in various industries dealing with healthcare, pharma and lifesciences. We also train experienced professionals from different healthcare and pharma industries to enhance their skills in different domains to grow in their respective careers.


How and where we train?

Our trainings are targeted at learning and applying the knowledge in getting jobs and continuous career growth. We have different permutations and combinations in how we offer our training solutions. Our mantra is to satisfy the learner completely and achieve the overall learning objectives.

TSDP 360° Learns: Integrated Classroom and Online Training

TSDP 360° Learns is a smart solution devised as an integrated learning process which includes face-to-face interactions in the form of workshops and e-learning solutions. Under this program, we provide:

 > 3-5 days of face-to-face workshops per month in which extensive interactive training sessions are conducted on-campus/off-campus, depending upon the number of participants. These sessions are conducted by experienced trainers with intermittent assignments and group discussions.
 E-module: Post the workshop, all the participants receive an access of the e-modules (of what was taught and discussed during 3-5 days of workshop) for one month for review and revision. The trainers also share additional resources in the form of e-books, papers, and suggested readings for students who want to learn beyond the course curriculum.
 The next face to face session is conducted after a month that starts with assessment of the previous topics on day-1 of training followed by new topics for the next 2-4 days.
This schedule follows for the complete course duration and the progress of the candidates is visible on our Learning Management System at any given point of time. At the end of the course, the participant receives a certificate and placement support in form of mock interviews, job vacancies matching his/her profile, and resume support.

TSDP Workshops

“The workshop begins with a heartbeat. Every beat is a step” -Wolfgang Sachese

Workshops are conducted to help the professionals understand the scope of a training topic in detail. These are usually 1-2 days in duration, and cover various aspects of training subjects in pharmaceutical and healthcare domain, including different verticals in medical writing. The workshops are usually customized based on the audience’s requirements. These can be organized for doctors, pharmaceutical organizations, group of medical representatives, or healthcare institutions, depending on the requirements. 
Workshops can be accredited or non-accredited. In accredited workshop, we reward the healthcare professionals with pre-defined credit points in collaboration with reputed medical associations of respective region or any relevant international association.

TSDP E-modules

“Talk to people. Connect with them. Make the e-learning sound like it’s a conversation between people. Real people and not robots.” – Cammy Bean

Turacoz Skill Development Program (TSDP) does not restrict its knowledge sharing activity to classroom training. To tackle the obstacles like geographical diversity, travelling expenses, overlapping schedule or any personal or professional hurdles that may stop you from joining us at our classroom training, we have online modules, exclusively designed and developed to train the doctors, researchers, life science graduates and post graduates, and pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals. 
E-learning enables you to continue your education online, without attending any classes in person. What it requires is your own system (laptop/computer/smart phone) and internet connectivity, that almost all of us have. One learnsthrough e-learning and goes through the online assessment to pass the course. Progress in the learning process and assessment results are tracked by the trainer and the certification is planned accordingly.

TSDP Webinars/Seminars

Webinars are online sessions conducted through a software where the trainers and learners are connected on the same platform. Trainers teach and learners ask queries through webinars, get them resolved, and discuss about the subject. 
Seminars are 1-2 hours session conducted in a classroom to brief about the workshop or any activity to be conducted in future. These are more like an introductory session to an upcoming event or workshop where learners can get a detailed insight of the agenda.

TSDP One-to-one training sessions

One-to-one sessions are exclusive training sessions for those who want to gain expertise and skillset in specific domain or specific topic of his/her interest which may or may not be directly listed in the trainings offered by TSDP. These sessions are conducted online via skype or WebEx or webinar where learner and the trainer get to interact directly. 


Course on Best Practices in Advisory Board Management (AB)

> AB001: Advisory Board Meeting: Stakeholders and Outcomes

>  AB002: Advisory Board Meeting: Complete Life Cycle

> AB003: Maintaining the Quality and Enhancing the Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines

>  AB004: Delphi methods: Making sense of consensus

>  AB005: Transparency Legislation and Physician Payments: Tracking and Monitoring the Spends in Advisory Board

>   One Month Certification Program :   Click Here for Registration

>   Four Month Certification Program : Click Here for Registration

Integrated (Online And Classroom Training)

Title 1: One-month online and classroom certificate course on Basics of Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance

Course Duration No. of classroom Content/Syllabus
Medical Writing and Other Career Options for Lifesciences (Basic Course) 1 Month 4 Course Orientation, basics of regulatory writing, Clinical research fundamentals, important guidelines, Drug development process, documents involved, regulatory authorities worldwide, publication writing, referencing style guide, formatting, editing and proofreading, other career options available, basics of Microsoft office.

After completing this, you will be able to learn:

>  Different industries and career options for pharma and life sciences

>  Industry requirements and skills required

>  The different career options in Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance

>   How to create well written documents as per the standard format and guidelines

>   The regulatory authorities worldwide

>   The CV writing, Portfolio, Mock interviews and email etiquettes

>   Basics of MS office required in document writing

Duration: It is a four-week certificationcourse to improve your skills and knowledge withthe placement support.

How to access:You can login anywhere in the world and go through yourcontent and submit the assignment.

Classroom training:Classroom training will help you in handling your problems andqueries face to face.

Registration for course (Classroom training, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2 hours or Saturday 6 hours)

Get Registered here

Pay Here

Title 2: Four Month Course (3 months course and 1 month on job training) on Advanced Medical Writing

Course Duration No. of classroom Content/Syllabus
Medical Writing and Other Career Options for Lifesciences (Advanced course) 4 months (3-month training +1 month of internship with Turacoz) 12 Course Orientation, basics off medical writing, medical terminologies, data interpretation, plagiarism and copyright issues and how to avoid, literature search, basics of regulatory writing, Clinical research fundamentals, important guidelines, documents at different stages, Drug development process, documents involved, regulatory authorities worldwide, publication writing, types of publications, important guidelines, referencing style guide, formatting, editing and proofreading, medico-marketing writing, business development, market research, product manager, KOL manager, and other career options available. Professional skills: Basics of Microsoft office – word, PowerPoint, excel. Language and communication, professional ethics, critical thinking and decision making, etc. Document writing of selected documents: Publication writing, regulatory writing, medico-marketing and pharmacovigilance.

After completing this course, you will be able to learn:

>  The skills and knowledge required for writing the documents compliant to regulatory standards for approval of new clinical trials, drugs, medical devices and biologics

>   The concepts of pharmacovigilance, publications with business development training, analysis of market research and medico-marketing in detail.

>  Advanced MS office required in document preparation

>   The CV writing, Portfolio, Mock interviews and email etiquettes

>   The lessons will provide you basic and advanced knowledge on content writing.

Duration:It is a twelve-week certification course with four weeks on job training in the company

How to access:

Online:You can login anywhere in the world and go through your content and submit the assignment.

Classroom training: classeswill help you in handling your problems andqueries face to face.

Registration for course (Classroom training, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2 hours or Saturday 6 hours)

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Group rate discounts are available for as small as 5 students.

Course content of our courses

>   Our certificate courses are in collaboration with Life Sciences Sector Development Council (LSSSDC), Clinical Research Association of India (CRAI) and Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA, Delhi Branch)

Next Batch Starting Soon at our Gurugram and Pune Office from 10th February 2018.

For any assistance and guidance please feel free to write/contact us: Smriti.khatri@turacoz.com (Dr. Smriti Khatri, Medical Writer & Coordinator)
0124-4300961, 0124-4300962, 09818235287

Partners & Associations


Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) is a not-for-profit organization, registered under the Societies Act, 1860. As a national level organization, in partnership with various stakeholder’s groups, it serves to address the skill shortfalls in the Life Sciences Sector in India. Turacoz Healthcare Solutions has partnered with LSSSDC as an industry partner and TSDP provides training solutions based on current industry requirements and supports the students in preparing them for interviews and industry


TSDP has partnered with Mediknit as a digital partner where training solutions for “Challenges and solutions to get your papers published” are shared with medical community by providing access to extensive, world-class online learning podcasts, lectures to fully interactive courses, and events.


> TATA Memorial Hospital

> Nizam Insttute of Medical Sciences

> Vellore Institute of Technology

> Jamia Hamdard

CMC Ludhiana

> Gauhati Medical College

> Adyar Cancer Institute Chennai

> National University of Singapore

> Latifa Hospital, Dubai

> King Saud University College of Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

> Lloyd college


Turacoz skill development program in association with reputed socities and associations offers a CME accredited training program for healthcare professionals across the globe. Society of

> Alzheimer and Ageing Research (SAAR)

> Clinical Research Association of India (CRAI)

> Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA)

Pharmaceutical companies

Turacoz skill development program is associated with Dr Reddy’s laboratory for their training programs for doctors and researcherson publishing their papers. Till date, TSDP has conducted trainings on behalf of Dr Reddy’s in various reputed research institutions such as CMC Vellore, Tata Memorial Hospital, Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad and many more.

News and Events

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Important Guideline


Publication of articles is one of the authentic methods to propagate the information to a wider audience. Nowadays, publication of articles in a reputed journal has become a necessity to attain professional goals. An increasing demand to achieve recognition in scientific community over the years has led to scientific misconduct. Retraction, being a scientific misconduct, is a public statement regarding a publication that may lead to its withdrawal from the journal and invalidates the finding.

Emotional intelligence (EI also known as ‘emotional quotient’ or EQ) was ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future.

Education not only influences the growth of a person but has a great impact on industrial as well as nation’s development. Apart from education, trainings also determine the total skill capacity of a person. For quick development of any nation, it is very important to have well-skilled people. However, huge gaps in academics and trainings have been recognized worldwide.

Learning and skill development for a healthcare professional is a lifetime journey and attainment of a medical degree is just the beginning. Being consistently updated with knowledge, skills and recent advances amid hectic professional life is a challenge for any healthcare professional.

India has a population of over 1.25 billion, almost half of which is already eligible to work, and yet there are so many jobs which remain unfilled in the absence of right candidature.Crunch of skilled workforcehas become a severe problem which will restrainthe country’s growth trajectory, hence impeding its global competitiveness.


What People Said

The information shared on data sharing, literature search and systematic review was very good and useful.
Healthcare professional
from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (Delhi, India)
The training was an eye opener for those who have not been a part of an advisory board meeting yet. The assignments and the reading material were very useful.
Medical Director
from a reputed MNC (Hong Kong)
The training conducted by Dr. Namrata on Publication was very comprehensive and useful. I would like to attend many more such trainings.
Freelance medical writer
Workshop on “Advisory board meeting” was very well focused and definitely helped me get detailed insights of the practical aspects and challenges faced during different stages of the meeting.
Regional Medical Manager
from a reputed MNC (Singapore)

Job Vacancies and Career Guidance

Get guidance from our industry expertto choose your dream career path

Designations like medical writer, scientific writer, MSL, regulatory affairs manager, regulatory writers, clinical research coordinator, medical coordinator, pharmacovigilance/ safety narrative writer, regulatory writer, business development executive, market analysis and medico-marketing experts and many more are the excellent career options for pharmacy, medical and life science graduates to enter and grow in pharmaceutical Indian and multinational companies, clinical research organizations, KPOs and BPOs and regulatory agencies.



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