Certificate course in Healthcare Market Research

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, to think what nobody else has thought-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi”

Our ‘Certificate Course in Healthcare Market research’provides a theoretical as well as industrial practical perspective to healthcare market research from basic introduction to data collection, data analysis, communication of findings and data presentation. In addition, the course highlights the ethical framework related to healthcare market research which is essential to know to work in life sciences industry (medical communication companies, healthcare KPO/BPOs, journals, hospitals, pharma industry, universities/colleges, etc.). This certificate course will help the students enable skills for getting a job and understand the scientific principles behind healthcare market research. It will make the students at par with industry standards and they can have the opportunity to work for a good company and have a flourishing career for long term.

Learning objectives:
After taking this course, you should be able to understand the –
  • Role of Market research in healthcare domain and career opportunities.
  • Healthcare and its interface with market research.
  • Data collection methods and Measurement approaches.
  • Reporting of analyzed data and how to conduct Healthcare Market Research Ethically.
  • Trends in Market Research, Customer need, objective, customer market, customer focus, etc.
  • Primary data collection and secondary data collection.
  • Understanding Data Analysis and tools in presentation.
  • The legal and ethical framework for healthcare market research.
  • Eligibility criteria:
    Undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates of life sciences stream, pharmacy, biotechnology, dental, physiotherapy and paramedical courses and MBBS/MD.
    Training mode:
    The course is available as online and classroom options both with our training centers at Gurgaon and Pune India. The classroom sessions are held twice a week and for the online courses we have one Skype session every week to discuss the queries and doubts and monitor the progress of the course.
    The ideal duration is for 3 months but one can expedite the course after submitting the assignments and the complete access will be available for 6 months.
    Expected Course Hours/Week:
    Weekly 6 hours
    Ongoing assessment after completion of modules every week.
    Expected Outcomes:
  • After successful completion of this course the traineeswill be ready for the entry-level industry jobs in Healthcare Market Research domain.
  • Skill-development and professional growth for those already working in the industry and looking for a change.