Six months Diploma Course on Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance

Research Institutes and Hospital Trainings

“Trainings aimed to model industry ready professionals”Benjamin Franklin


Conducting scientific research and communicating that to the scientific community, regulatory bodies, patients and consumers is the building block of future advancements and implementation of the research and development in our day to day life.

Turacoz Skill Development Program provides training support in the complete life cycle of research from developing a research question, to ethical considerations, regulatory guidelines and updates, drug safety during clinical trials and in post marketing stage and finally sharing the research results in form of publications, conference presentation, patient education articles and blogs. Scientific, medical writing has become an integral part of academic, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

The trainings are specifically designed for the consultants by subject matter experts who have real life experiences in clinical research and medical writing fields.Trainings can be accredited or non-accredited. In accredited workshop, we reward the healthcare professionals with pre-defined credit points in collaboration with reputed medical associations of respective region or any relevant international association.