Workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars

The workshop begins with a heartbeat. Every beat is a step. $ndash; Wolfgang Sachese

Workshops are conducted to help the professionals understand the scope of a training topic in detail. These are usually 1-2 days in duration and cover various topics from pharmaceutical and healthcare domain, including different verticals in medical writing. The workshops are usually customized based on the audiences requirements and are often organized for doctors, pharmaceutical organizations, group of medical representatives, or healthcare institutions, depending on the topic covered. 
Workshops can be accredited or non-accredited. In accredited workshop, we reward the healthcare professionals with pre-defined credit points in collaboration with reputed medical associations of respective region or any relevant international association.

Eligibility criteria

Experienced professionals/researchers and healthcare professionals

Training Mode

Face to face workshop


1-2 days, depending upon the requirement

Expected Outcomes

Enhanced skillset

Upcoming Workshops

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