Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever -- Mahatma Gandhi

Freshers looking to enter the industry

Life-sciences, medical and para-medical graduates, post-graduates or research scholars who are currently studying, or those are already passed out can opt for our training programs of their interest. Our trainings are aimed to train on theskills and knowledge required to be a successful professional, create an effective resume and cover letter, and develop a sample portfolio by giving them live assignments and uploading their edited blogs/SlideShare material on online portals.

Professionals looking to enhance and upgrade their skills

The second group trainees are the professionals who are in industry either as a medical writer, researchers, healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, and pharmacists in practice who want to advance their career by developing additional skills, getting updated knowledge of recent guidelines, industry trends etc. We have targeted trainings for their specific needs and the topics are updated every 6 months to be aligned to the latest information available.

Faculty development programme

Trainings are targeted for faculty development programme in various education and research institutions and provide face to face workshops on Clinical research and ethical, How to get your research published and specific regulatory and publication document like common technical documents, original research, good publication guidelines and recent regulatory updates.

Industrial trainings

Students studying in colleges and looking for industrial training are giving practical sessions on introduction to industry, the categories of industry, designations of people with their roles and responsibilities, how to communicate (verbal and email communication) and specific information on service industry with case studies.